Computation and Palaeography: Potentials and Limits (Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 12382)

Published in Dagstuhl Manifestos 2(1): 14-35 (2012), 2012

Recommended citation: Tal Hassner, Malte Rehbein, Peter A. Stokes, and Lior Wolf. Computation and Palaeography: Potentials and Limits (Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 12382). Dagstuhl Manifestos 2(1): 14-35, 2012.


This is the manifesto of Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 12182 on a multi-discipline perspective on networks. The information society is shaped by an increasing presence of networks in various manifestations, most notably computer networks, supply-chain networks, and social networks, but also business networks, administrative networks, or political networks. Online networks nowadays connect people all around the world at day and night, and allow to communicate and to work collaboratively and efficiently. What has been a commodity in the private as well as in the enterprise sectors independently for quite some time now is currently growing together at an increasing pace. As a consequence, the time has come for the relevant sciences, including computer science, information systems, social sciences, economics, communication sciences, and others, to give up their traditional “silo-style” thinking and enter into borderless dialogue and interaction. The purpose of this Manifesto is to review where we stand today, and to outline directions in which we urgently need to move, in terms of both research and teaching, but also in terms of funding.


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